Renter and Landlord Insurance

renters-inurance-in-nebraskaProtect your rental investments and income with a dwelling property insurance policy through Dageforde Agency.   As a landlord, it is your responsibility to purchase insurance to cover the physical building and damages that may be sustained.   This policy will also cover liability situations for visitors who incur injury or damages on your property.  Landlord insurance does not usually cover your tenants personal property.

Renter’s Insurance

Tenants should purchase renter’s insurance to cover costs of damage to their personal property. Depending on the policy, a renter can also consider coverage for family liability or guest medical expenses.

Claim Filing

Claims for damage to the landlord’s property or for renter’s personal property damages should be initiated with Dageforde Agency. You may call (402) 768-6414 or stop by the Agency to relay claim details.